Monday, November 3, 2008

Jamie Campbell Special Education Needs Schools

We visited two schools specifically for pupils with Special Education Needs. The first school was a new build primary for pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and Autism. This was a well equipped, spacious school with similar resources to ours, e.g., sensory room, although on a bigger and newer scale. The teaching methods used for these pupils were identical to ones used by us e.g., TEACH.

The second school was a vocational college for SEN pupils. We do not have a purpose built facility such as this though our pupils can still access vocational courses off site.

It appears that the SLD schools are run on a very similar manner to our own down to Individual Education Plans, annual reviews, etc. One difference is that each mainstream school would have a dedicated SEN teacher to assess and help these pupils with more moderate learning difficulties.

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